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Cydia Sources 2013


iphone 4 jailbreakme Cydia Sources 2013

As we’ve welcome the new year we thought it might be a great touch to add the very best Cydia sources of 2013. For all those of who already jailbroken their apple iphone to those newcomers to the jailbreaking community, everyone could really begin using these ten must have Cydia sources. Find out what our picks are after the jump.

10. Iforce

iForce ideas effects Cydia Sources 2013

After jailbreaking your iPhone, you’ll certainly want to tweak and add a few contents right? With the help of iForce, users can access and tweak a few contents on your iOS device. Though the source may not feature several options, the few that it does support actually make a huge difference in how you could use your device throughout the day such as a better use of Bluetooth file sharing.

9. iHacksRepo

ihackscomp8 e1357851631481 Cydia Sources 2013

This source has a list full of variety and content. Not only can you find several tweaks but more. For instance, with iHacksRepo, you can find apps, HD Winterboard, ringtones, utilities, SB Settings themes, Dreamboard themes along with other download content. Another bonus is this source is constantly being updated so you’re sure to receive updates along with new content at a constant pace.

8. ModMyi

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If you’ve been in the jailbreaking game very long you’ll know that ModMyi is a rather big end name in the community. Needless to say, you’ll want to grab a hold of this source as well. ModMyi shines best if you’re looking to modify your device completely. With countless packages filled with soundboards, ringtones, wallpapers you name it, ModMyi has it. Completely change the look and feel of your device to make it more of your own and not just another copy of Apple’s iPhone.

7. Sinful iPhone

sinful iphone logo e1357851679212 Cydia Sources 2013

Another very popular source available on Cydia is Sinful iPhone Repo. This source has been around for a pretty long time as well and its very reliable. If cracked apps and tweaks is your game then Sinful iPhone Repo is the source you’ll want on your device. With a huge community tossing in tweaks, themes, emulators, ROM packs and more, you’ll find a ton of entertaining applications to use on your iPhone for practically any occasion.

6. HackYouriPhone
Source:  e1357851715831 Cydia Sources 2013

Another source that constantly receive updates is HackYouriPhone. Much like the past sources we’ve mentioned on the list, HackYouriPhone also sports a nice wide range of modifications to your device. Looking to change up your tacky theme into a fresh new look, browse through this source for a design and feel that best suites you. Though there are several other features this source comes included with, everything from the usual apps, tweaks, ringtones and themes but even mods, IPA files and DLCs show up through HackYouriPhone.

5. iHackStore

ihackstore1 e1357851740131 Cydia Sources 2013

Much like HackYouriPhone, iHackStore has the best of both worlds. Those looking to get their hands on themes, ringtones, applications or more general downloads, the source will suite your needs. However, if your looking to get more in-depth with their device and locate a few hacks, mods or tweaks then you should have no problem finding quite a few downloads in this section as well.

4. xSellize

Xsellize e1357851770420 Cydia Sources 2013

Now if your a gamer, you’ll have to take a peek over on the source with xSellize. Of course like any other repo, the assortment of goodies like themes and tweaks. Though where this particular source favors video games mostly. You’ll be able to find several emulators ranging from the Game Boy Advance to Nintendo 64. There’s even ROM packs to download as well though legally, unless you own the video games, downloading ROM’s will become more of a legal matter.

3. Insanelyi

images e1357851797507 Cydia Sources 2013

Insanelyi is becoming a huge name in the Cydia scene. There’s several sources out there that offer the exact same thing, themes, mods, tweaks, emulators, applications and so on and such forth. However, what makes Insanelyi different than other sources available is the fact that Insanelyi offers such a vast amount of content. There’s over 6,000 packages available and the team is constantly updating and adding more. If your someone who wants all their content in one place, adding the Insanelyi source will be your best bet instead of searching through multiple sources for one particular item.

2. BiteYourApple

bite e1357851822245 Cydia Sources 2013

One source that’s hosts several tweaks and modifications for your iOS device is the source known as BiteYourApple. Maybe you didn’t plan on downloading entertaining applications or games with your jailbroken device. Instead you rather locate and tweak hidden settings. BiteYourApple offers several tweaks such as iFile, IAP Cracker, Springtomize 2, Infinidock and much more.

1. Hackulous

hackulo e1357851857559 Cydia Sources 2013

The number one spot in our countdown is Hackulous. Since the dawn of time, well at least when jailbreaking started to pick up, Hackulous seemed to be on several jailbroken devices. The reason this particular source became so popular is the fact that this source hosts a very controversial application known as Installous. This application would potentially allow users to download and install free cracked applications that you would normally have to pay for in the iTunes App Store. Though the source does offer the usual themes, mods and tweaks that most sources offer.